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Blizzard just announced that with the release of the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch, new, brand new areas will be unlocked and players will start at Tier 1. All dungeons will be available from the start and we will also get all available talent trees, starting with the following location the talent will be Wrath of the Lich King. So you'll be able to upgrade from fresh all the way up to level 70 and do all your stuff before WotLK comes along. Here is all the information about the new WotLK server and the new starting area for Wrath Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic Wrath of the Lich King new servers and new starting areas

We've received a new blue post from Blizzard about Wrath Classic, announcing new new servers with the launch of Wrath Classic that will give players the opportunity to start from scratch instead of fighting to catch up. These new servers will work exactly how most people envision them: everyone starts at level 1, with no additional cowbell. Since you have instant access to all dungeons and team copies, you don't need to spend any extra time or effort to visit Ask Anchorra. Read on to learn more about the new WoW Classic WotLK server and its unique rules and restrictions.

How the new World of Warcraft Classic WotLK server works

Below are some of the rules that apply to the Wrath Classic restart area.

- One of the really exciting things is that a lot of people are entering Wrath of the Lich King with ridiculous gear or crazy amounts of gold, so the economy will go crazy on the normal server when people have finished gdkps or wotlk gold farming what they were doing to have.

- You cannot level up your character in the restart area for at least 90 days.

- You can only become a Death Knight once your character has reached level 55 in that realm.

- WotLK server transfers will not be available for this realm for the first 3 months.

- No one will be able to bring a ton of gold and a character with only a gigabyte of gear for at least 90 days until Wrath of the Lich King launches. We're prepared for that in Wrath, although it may mean that some people will bring a lot of consumables or mats or whatever to beat the auction house.

WoW Classic WotLK Preparation - Steps to prepare for Wrath Classic

- PvE and PvP realms are no longer restricted by realm shifts.

- Rage Insider will be available soon.

- Classic era clones are gradually being phased out.

- Existing realms will be merged, meaning that players will be forced to move to another realm if they don't accept the free transfer offered by an existing realm that Blizzard deems dead, even if the other realm is also dead.

- Mew Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic pre-patch.

- Wrath of the Lich King is released.

World of Warcraft Classic has long offered free character transfers when players from smaller realms band together to have a greater variety of content to choose from. In the case of World of Warcraft Classic WotLK character transfers, there is no guarantee they will remain free or how they will be handled based on factors such as transfer limits between PVP and PVE realms and character limits per server. According to Blizzard, characters can be moved to a new WoW Classic WotLK server after 90 days.