Topic: Let's take a look at the leak and everything we know about NBA 2K23

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We all know that everyone is waiting for their chance to learn more about NBA 2K23. The good news is that we could have a potential loss for you.

This image shows a release date for NBA 2K23 arriving around the same time as NBA 2K22, so it's likely to be an accurate leak.

So, let's take a look at the leak and everything we know about the game.

NBA 2K23 release date leaked
While it has not yet been confirmed, we believe the precise release date of NBA 2K23 has been revealed via a leak.

From the image, we can see the expected release time of multiple titles. One of them is NBA 2K23 which was shown to be released on September 16, 2022.

click to enlarge + 2 COMING: NBA 2K23 should be released at the same time as last year. If you'd like to see the image, you can go to Twitter and see the leaked image here. As previously mentioned, this NBA 2K23 release date is yet to be revealed.

For now, these are the only rumors we've found about NBA 2K23, however, one thing we wonder is who the cover athlete would be.

Potential NBA 2K23 Cover Athletes
Shortly after learning the official release date of NBA 2K23, the next thing we should learn is the cover athlete.

There are many players to choose from when determining who will be the cover athlete. This is especially true since the NBA Finals are underway.

There is a great possibility that Stephen Curry could be the cover athlete These are the NBA 2K23 cover athletes we have in mind for the Standard Edition version of the game:

Nikola Jokic
Jayson Tatum
Joel Embiid
Stephen Curry (long shot prediction)

Advertisement We also came up with a few reasons why these players would make some great choices to become cover athletes.

Nikola Jokic
Most valuable player of the NBA 2022
An average of 27.1 points, 13.8 rebounds and 7.9 assists per game
Jayson Tatum
An average of 26.9 points per game during the regular season
He led the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals
It was instrumental in eliminating the Milwaukee Bucks
Joel Embiid
An average of over 30 points per game during the regular season
On average a double double during the season
Shot just under 50% during the season.
He was a candidate for MVP but lost to Nikola Jokic
Stephen Curry
He broke the NBA record for most three in a year (507)
He broke Ray Allen's record for most of three in his career
He became the first player ever with 3,000 triples

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