Topic: WoW WotLK Classic: Blizzard via nerfed bosses, OG arena and more

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Brian Birmingham, lead software engineer on the WoW Classic team, talks to WoWHead about the classic Wrath of the Lich King. Topics discussed include Northrend boss nerfs, class balancing, dungeon finders (of course), Orgrimmar Arena, and much more.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic gold beta should begin in a few weeks or months. Until then, WotLK fans have a lot of questions they want answered. Some of these questions were asked in a recent interview with Lead Software Engineer Brian Birmingham (via WoWHead). We have summarized the most important results for you.

Birmingham on Dungeon Finder Distance
The developers wanted to create an alternative to the dungeon finder introduced with patch 3.3 without sacrificing human interaction in Classic. You want to combine the best of modern group search and LFG tools from TBC Classic.

What Birmingham likes about the modern group search is the structure of the interface, but also the possibility to clearly define roles for already found and still wanted players. On the other hand, with cross-server systems, developers fear the old problem of never seeing each other again, which can encourage certain negative behaviors.

The advantage of the TBC Classic tool is that you can register as "available" without having to manage a team immediately. The weak point is that even now, in TBC Classic, this group search is not fully utilized. This is where the developers have to start.
Of course, if there is no automatic party search, players will not be rewarded with daily badges when they log in either. But no problem: before patch 3.3 there were daily quests that primarily took on this task. These quests should come back.

As for spamming in group search channels on busy servers, Blizzard already has an idea how to control it. Birmingham emphasizes at this point that the ban on boost ads also applies to the classic version of World of Warcraft.
Even without the dungeon browser, there should be a pug hike as a bonus. How we can achieve this is unclear.

World of Warcraft: once empty servers - time for new links?
As each World of Warcraft sourcebook ends, the number of players in the Shadowlands is decreasing - is it time for a new server link? Actually yes, but not necessarily.

Changes to WotLK Classic raid locks and bosses
In WotLK Classic, the developers wanted to avoid players feeling compelled to complete four crusade attempts on one character - to carry around all four possible Raid IDs (as well as Epic) (for advanced players, there is an assumption that they have more runs if they also have alternatives equipped).
Players prematurely ignoring O'Doul was an unintended influence at the time. The loot in the normal version of PdK was already better than Odur almost everywhere.
The apparent increase in character power due to better and better gear subsequently led to more problems, and solutions like Cold of the Throne were tried. As a result, the developers are considering making cautious adjustments.
A solution could be a hard mode that can be enabled in PDK and Icecrown Bastion so that normals and heroes share a team ID - similar to O'Doul.
There are far fewer raid boss nerfs in the WotLK era than there are in Burning Expedition. Only a few anomalies will be tracked, and Blizzard will decide on a case-by-case basis whether they will appear on the live servers with or without the nerf. There will be no additional "before/after nerf" phases like in TBC Classic, which makes no sense.

However, the aura may be adjusted to weaken Icecrown Bastion, e.g. B. by allowing the guilds to determine the strength of the aura themselves.