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Posted 3 months ago
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Topic: How to Improve Your Work & Life Juggling Skills
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How to Improve Your Work & Life Juggling Skills
A while back, I found an amazing article that transformed my life. I have to work at night because I went to college this year. Unfortunately, my well-being was negatively affected due to a very busy work schedule. My friends looked at me and asked if they could work and study full-time. How do people manage to complete so many tasks in a day? I decided to read this article because a friend of mine suggested it.
I was skeptical at first about this website. I didn't think one publication on the internet could impact my life. But, I decided to try it because no one made me follow every instruction. So, after I finished the first paragraph, I was left to read the rest.
Now I know how to work and study at the same time. The truth is that this article taught me how to prioritize, plan, and begin with small tasks. To get a positive outcome, I have to set realistic goals. The best part was the advice regarding delegating tasks. I now know how to transform my life.