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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for the name of an old (early 90s) WW2 flight simulator, which I barely remember; there are three main things I can still recall:
-It had quite a big plane roster, including fighters used on the Pacific theater, like the F4U Corsair.
-The menu was black, with the text in green.
-It wasn't a Dynamix game. I spent hundreds of hours on Red Baron and Aces over Europe, and it definitely was different.
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Well, you described most of the WW2 dos games simulators :-) The only thing very specific is black menu with green text, you sure about that?

How about Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain?
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Might be this. Had a large amount of aircraft, both US and Japan, you could play. Still have the game & manuals but not loaded anywhere. From the books it looks like the menu text was green on black. 1994 Microprose