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Nascar Racing

Nascar Racing screenshot

Nascar Racing - screenshot 1Nascar Racing - screenshot 1Nascar Racing - screenshot 1Nascar Racing - screenshot 1Nascar Racing - screenshot 1

Game Info
4 out of 5
Sierra On-Line
TIP: Use DOSBox – great DOS emulator.
Nascar Racing is an old dos game, published in 1994 by Sierra On-Line. Main genre of this old game is racing. We gave this game stunning rating of 72 and you can download it for free right here. If you like racing games, you play them probably for the speed and variety of tracks. How can thus take the game Nascar Racing, which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the American Nascar racing? When testing this game, I was quite skeptical, however I waited a simple boring races on the track and nothing more. However, the game offers so much more. The tracks change only graphically and otherwise it's still the same racing oval, the game offers a number of options elsewhere. You can freely paint your car and really the paint options are almost limitless. Before each race you have to properly set up your car, choose the appropriate weight distribution, and many other settings that help you win races. Races are done very realistically and you can even use the air cushions, if you drive tightly behind your opponents.
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