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Mad TV

Mad TV screenshot

Mad TV - screenshot 1Mad TV - screenshot 1Mad TV - screenshot 1Mad TV - screenshot 1Mad TV - screenshot 1

Game Info
4 out of 5
Rainbow Arts
TIP: Use DOSBox – great DOS emulator.
Mad TV is an old dos game, published in 1991 by Rainbow Arts. Main genre of this old game is strategy. We gave this game stunning rating of 80 and you can download it for free right here. Are you tired already to watch the same things in TV every day? Would you like to create your own program, that you would like? If so, sit up, because thanks to Mad TV, you can be a small part of it and help to form a new program structure in one declining TV station. Watching the intro, you will get a feeling, that this is going to be a fun game with a great music. The storyline is quite original: your main character is hopelessly in love with a girl - Betty, a moderator in a local television station, where she has her own program about culture. Of course, you go to the TV station immediately, so you can speak to her, but at the place you'll get a surprise. Without you looking for something, boooom and you have a new job and not just a regular job, but you are the new CEO of the company. Will now take the place after your predecessor, who wanted to expand the TV station on Mars, which almost led to the bancrupt of the station. Now you must save the TV and get the admiration of Betty.
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