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Batman Returns

Batman Returns screenshot

Batman Returns - screenshot 1Batman Returns - screenshot 1Batman Returns - screenshot 1Batman Returns - screenshot 1Batman Returns - screenshot 1

Game Info
2 out of 5
Spirit of Discovery
TIP: Use DOSBox – great DOS emulator.
Batman Returns is an old dos game, published in 1992 by Spirit of Discovery. Main genre of this old game is adventure. We gave this game stunning rating of 38 and you can download it for free right here. If we talk about Batman and computer games, many of us can imagine some action games, where you fight your opponents. Batman Returns is an exception - this is an adventure game, where the main goal is to get evidence against Penguin. The game begins in your cave where you have a lot of gadgets (computers with a central database, safe with batman's suits and belts and also the famous futuristic car - the Batmobile). When you are done in cave and you took all the tech gadgets with you, you are good to go to the city, where riots broke out. Penguin's group is robbing people of Gotham, bribes city mayor and terorize the whole city. You will get into a direct fights with rioters, but you cannot interfere into these fights, you can just watch. Just press the button "Fierce" on the belt and just watch as Batman win the fight (and he wins every time). Unfortunately, this is the main problem of this game - you can finish the whole game in a few hours and it will be super easy even for beginner. The movie with the same name "Batman Returns" by Tim Burton deserved a better pc game.
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